Content Delivery Network Benefits

Global networks need to be ready to scale with your content, worldwide. Accelerated delivery and performance, while helping protect your assets, your information and your customers.

  • Video Delivery:Performance and scale to provide the latest in audio and video streaming, and download capabilities worldwide.
  • Digital Downloads: Accelerated delivery of digital files to your users by providing fast, uninterrupted downloads of your assets across the globe.
  • Website Optimization: Your website accelerated for lightning speed delivery anywhere in the world, and optimized performance across any device and browsing platform.
  • Origin Storage Platform: A massively scalable, reliable and affordable way to store your content library as it grows.
  • Create high-quality user experiences in multiple formats, including, HTTP, HLS and Smooth Streaming.
  • Secure your content using Geo Blocking, SWF Verification, Authentication, Encryption, SSL and DDoS.
  • Clear visualization of utilization: Accessible via a Media Portal. API and Log Retrieval also available.

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