Fixed Wireless in Canada is a reliable, cost-effective back-up to your primary circuit, including PCI-compliant security

Service is typically deployed with LTE across Rogers mobile network allowing your business to provision usually within 24 hours

Witness 4G LTE speeds reaching 5Mbps up and down

Cross-carrier pooling allows for pooled mobile plans including US Carriers

Remote Manager

Remote Manager is secure and scalable.  Manage, monitor and configure large numbers of devices easily, efficiently and remotely through a single optimized user interface.

  • Cloud based monitoring and management
  • Turnkey delivery of the latest firmware
  • Schedule updates and reporting for devices
  • Integration and monitoring using InterMapper
  • Select from a set of recommended device
    Profiles that align to specific standards (e.g. PCI)
  • Apply device profiles by device groups 
  • Send alert when any device is “out of compliance”
  • Reporting and auto-remediation

Can be used in any environment

  • Complements any data circuit and router/SD-WAN
  • Primary use until broadband is installed
  • Multi site backup solution with data pooling for all locations
  • Internal and external hardware models available


  • Pop up stores/Store-in-a-Store
  • Wireless Backup of Retail Sites
  • Out-of-band connectivity to store assets
  • ATMs, kiosks and service terminals
       Ticketing Machines
  • Digital Signage

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